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Do you know where “the European Sahara” is located?

Also known as one of the last deserts in Europe, Deliblato Sands (Deliblatska Peščara) is a special nature reserve in Serbia.

Located in southern Banat, it is situated between the river Danube and the southwestern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains, and only 100 km (62.14 miles) away from Belgrade.

This unique place, created by the wind that brought the sand, stretches over 300 square kilometers (115.8 sq mile).

You can find approx. 900 species of plants here (Banat peony, the Pančić wormwood, orchids) as well as rare animal species, such as desert ant, ant-lion, Banat falcon, imperial eagle, steppe gerbil, steppe skunk, etc. Thanks to wolves living here, numerous hunters from around the world come here to take part in wolf hunting.

This “Old Continent’s oldest desert” is surrounded by beautiful cities and attractions you shouldn’t miss:

►The city of Vršac, famous for its wine route and festival “Harvest days” (Dani Berbe)
►Viminacium (Roman military outpost and city)
►“Silver Lake” (Srebrno Jezero), picnic area, and friendly-family place.


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