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Are you ready to find a treasure in Serbialand?

You don’t need to fantasize about it. Just hit the road, and you can reach this breathtaking scenery in less than 3 hours from Belgrade.

Fairy-tales are not just parts of children’s books and their imagination. They exist and surround us.

If you don’t believe it, visit the Krupaj Springs. Its beauty will fascinate you.

Considered a rare and unique occurrence in nature, due to its water that flows out of the cave creating a karst lake on the surface, this well is an ecological oasis. A real piece of heaven.

There is a labyrinth of underwater channels where is, according to the legend, hidden the treasure of Krupaj springs.

Located in the Krupajska river valley and below the western side of the Beljanica mountain, it provides medicinal healing waters. The mixture of thermal springs’ water and cold spring water refreshes the body and soul.


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