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Did you know there is a mountain named after gold in Serbia (“zlato” in Serbian)?

This mind-boggling mountain is Zlatar, situated between the rivers Lim, Uvac, Milesevka, and Bistrica. It belongs to the unit of Starovlasko-Raska mountains. With its highest peak, Golo Brdo, on 1.627 m, Zlatar can boast a unique blend of Mediterranean and Alpine climates.

This place takes pride in clear lakes, fragrant meadows, and infinite landscapes – this might sound unreal, but this breathtaking nature really exists.

Zlatar is different from many other mountains, not only due to its maximum number of sunny days and pleasant silence but thanks to its untouched nature. It still manages to avoid trends of urbanity and modernity. Staying at this place is beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases and all who would like to prevent many health problems.

If you decide to visit Zlatar, you definitely shouldn’t miss the following:

► Artificial lakes – Zlatarsko, Sjenicko, Potpecko, and Radoinjsko
► The canyon of the river Uvac
► The caves with lavish rock formations – Usacka and Ledena pecina
► The river Lim and Famous Sopotnica with cascading waterfalls
► The monastery of Mileseva
► The Vlade Divac Museum
► Pribojska Banja Spa


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