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It is located in western Serbia, near the town of Valjevo (30 kilometers southwest of it).

The three most important peaks are Little Povlen (1301 meters), Middle Povlen (1301 meters), and Big Povlen (1271 meters).

The mountain is named after its silhouette which resembles the form of a bear (medved in Serbian).

It is covered with beech forests, and in the lower parts, there are areas under raspberry and blackberry plantations.

It’s not rich only in forests, but in large amounts of pristine water – its clean and preserved nature attracts adventurers from all over Serbia and surrounding countries.

The watershed of Kolubara and Drina river basins is here. Two other rivers, Obnica and Jablanica, spring in the east. On the northern slopes is the source of the Jadar river, which flows into the Drina. And unique event represents the river Zavošnica – it goes around the mountain on three sides and “thieves” water from one basin to another. Then, it breaks through the limestone ridge Vojinova Stena or Platno.

The event “Mushroom Days in the Valjevo Mountains” is held in the mountain home on Medvednik in October.


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