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Have you heard about the “Venice of Vojvodina”?

This place is located less than 100km away from Belgrade.

Bela Crkva is small and peaceful city in Banat, surrounded by hillsides of the Carpathian Mountains.

It boasts eight picturesque lakes – they are artificial, but still provide excellent entertainment in terms of swimming, relaxation, and sunbathing.

There are five bigger lakes: Glavno (Main Lake), Vracevgajsko (Wizard’s Grove), Saransko (Carpfish Lake), Sljunkara (Gravel Pit), and Novo Jezero (New Lake).

Three smaller are: Jugopetrol, Malo (Little Lake), and Barutana Lake.

In addition to these famous lakes, Bela Crkva is well-known for its fertile land, rich history, and culture. In the city’s vicinity is world-known the Deliblato Sands (Deliblatska Pescara), and the town of Vrsac, known for the manifestation “Vintage Days”, held every September.




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