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A tour not to be missed!

The river Veliki Rzav is 62 km long and is made by the Presečka river, which springs on the slopes of the mountain Čemernica, and the river Jamčica in the village of Močioci. From Močioca, the Rzav flows to Visoka (Arilje municipality), passes through Visoka canyon, and then Radoševski canyon. At Svračkovo, Mali Rzav flows into Veliki Rzav, and after the dam near Žuta Stena beach, Rzav flows through Arilje where it flows into Moravica.

If you want to be a part of this untouched nature and see Rzav in its magnificence, TIM-Serbia gives you a unique opportunity this season. Walk the river valley for 3-4 hours.

Why with us and why right now?

You will see parts that you would not be able to find by yourself. You will have the opportunity to walk downstream towards the dam that rises on Rzav and witness the beauty and strength of the Last Mohican – an accumulation lake will soon be built and part of the village of Roga and the river valley will be flooded. We can freely say that the most beautiful part of Rzav will no longer exist.

Get to know the parts of Serbia hidden from the public eye, drink water directly from the river, enjoy the game of water, sun, wind and pebbles, and be proud to be a part of this beauty.

Bring the best memories from Rzav and remember him while it was free and untamed!

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