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Did you know there is a spa dubbed “the paradise for the nerves”?

Just 200 km south of Belgrade and 23 km away from Kraljevo is situated Bogutovacka Spa.

The slopes of the Troglav mountain surround the spa, and in its nearness, run the Ibar River and the Lopatnica River.

This is a place where sudden changes in air pressure don’t exist, nor fog. It is protected from strong winds thanks to the mountains that surround the spa.

Also known as “Neuro Spa,” it boasts effective mineral water, radioactive, carbon-acidic (23° – 27° C). Water is rich in lithium, extremely rare minerals, and thanks to water’s complex composition, it has a very curative effect on the human body.

Medical indications:

· nerve system functioning diseases
· neuralgia
· neurosis
· nerves inflammations
· heart nervousness

Visit Bogutovacka Spa and regain your peace of mind!


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