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Have you taken a ride on a floating island in Serbia?

Yes, they exist, and even more interesting is that they are within easy reach of one of our country’s most famous tourist destinations – at the foot of Kopaonik.

They say you can ride them with the help of oars.

What about the lake’s creation?

Nobody knows the real story.

So, the legends immediately come forward.

There used to be villas gathering on the lake, and some priest wanted to make grain on St. Cyril’s Day, but the land swallowed him up. At that point, the water spilled out, which is Semeteš Lake.

No one has ever been able to determine its depth, due to the strong water currents after 10 meters of deepening.

Below Mount Kopaonik, about 15 kilometers from Raška, in the village of Semeteš, it is situated this hidden gem and a natural phenomenon.

Semeteš Lake did not find its place in the regular tourist offerings of Kopaonik, but thanks to Radan Arsenijević, the owner of Alo Alo Restaurant, people started coming to this magical place.

One more thing: fishers enjoy here – it is rife with carp and babushka fish.

Would you like to take a ride on a floating island? 😊


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