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Gamzigradska Spa is located 11km (6.83 miles) west of the city of Zajecar in the valley of the River Black Timok.

It is famous for several sources of thermal water. The temperature goes between 38 and 43 degrees.

The remains of the Roman imperial town – Felix Romuliana from the 3rd century, indicates that these thermal waters were familiar to Romans, and they used them for healing purposes.

Institute for Specialized Rehabilitation “Gamzigrad” was opened in 1978, and it provides hydro-therapies, kinesis, vacuum, photo, paraffin, laser, acupuncture, massage, etc.

Its breathtaking surroundings (wooded hills and flowery clearings) are perfect for recreation, sports, and fishing. You can visit many attractions near the spa: Lake Borsko, Zlotska Cave, Rajac wine cellars, Kladovo, and Djerdap.


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