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Situated at the edge of the Park-wood, also named Junakovic, and 2.8 miles (4.5km) from the city of Apatin (Vojvodina, Serbia)

– Its thermal water boasts temperature more than 122F (50C), springs from a depth of 700m, and contains sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium, magnesium

– Thermal water is the same category as the water in these spas: Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Harkan (Hungary) and Lipik (Croatia)

– Water cures various diseases: rheumatism, orthopedic and gynecology diseases, respiratory problems

– Modern medical methods of treatment: hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, kinesitherapy

– It’s a large complex of outdoor pools, indoor therapy pool, two Finnish saunas, and sports areas – eight paths Bowling alley, four tennis courts, and a gym


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