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It is estimated that there are about 72 castles only in Vojvodina, the region in Serbia.

The northern part of Vojvodina was more specific than other areas due to the Habsburg monarchy reign and its unique architectural style.

One of the most beautiful and impressive castles, Kapetanovo Castle, is built in 1904 and is located near Stari Lec in northeastern Serbia.

Thanks to Mayor Botka Bela, this romantic construction captivates with its appearance – with its neo-gothic style, it resembles a medieval castle.

There is a story related to Kapetanovo Castle, which gives a dose of mystery.

Mayor Bela decided to sell the castle to solve his financial problems. His wife Emma couldn’t accept this, so she chose to take her own life inside of the castle.

A legend says the castle is haunted – sometimes, at night (legend says it happens on August 2, on St. Elijah, when suicide was committed), a shadow of a woman with long blond hair can be seen in one of the castle’s rooms.

In 1991 Kapetanovo Castle was included on the list of national monuments of culture of great importance and in 2006 it was renovated according to its original design. Today it is privately owned.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, consider this beautiful castle. It might be an excellent choice for you to boost your mood and experience some unforgettable moments.


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