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One of the oldest spas in Serbia?

Ribarska Banja was renovated back in 1833 during the reign of Prince Milos Obrenovic.

Almost all Serbian kings and queens stayed and were treated here, and the most frequent guest was King Petar I Karadjordjevic, who came here because of gout.

The spa is located on the slopes of the mountain Veliki Jastrebac at 540 m above sea level and 34 km away from Krusevac.

Until 1967, there was a sanatorium here for the treatment of lung diseases, due to the ideal climate. After that, the Department for the treatment of orthopedic, bone-joint, and degenerative diseases was opened.

Ribarska Banja has eight springs. Of these, six have water temperatures of 20 degrees, one of 16 degrees, and one lukewarm water of 28 degrees.

Medicinal waters are especially rich in sulfur and are great for bones and skin problems.


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