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It’s located in the region of village Roge, near Požega town and the river Rzav is distanced about 500m

– The spring is known from the Turkish period, and Roška Banja has been before WWII here

– It was destroyed, and in 1950 the new spa was built – it was active until the 1990s

– Today, there is a metal construction above the spring and water overflows into two smaller pools (for men and women), and then into a stream which flows into the river Veliki Rzav (Big Rzav)

– Locals, and doctors, say that this water heals many health problems, such as joint diseases, eye difficulties, nerves, and chronic rheumatism

– Visitors can enjoy breathtaking nature with scenic views, and in the summertime, swimming in Veliki Rzav is a real refreshment and joy

– This place, a hidden gem of Serbia, is definitely worth visiting and spending unforgettable moments with friends and family


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