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If you’ve ever climbed to Rtanj’s top – Siljak, you know how magical this experience is.

If you haven’t, do that as soon as possible.

You will find the remains of a chapel built by Greta Minh in 1934 in honor of her husband, Julius Minh, and the owner of the coal mine that was located here.

Also, plenty of medical herbs grow here – you’ve probably tasted at least once in a lifetime popular Rtanj tea. Yes, it comes from Serbia.

All the water descends to the mountain foothills through crevices inside the mountain. That’s why there are lots of sources of drinking water at the base of Rtanj.

If you’re an experienced climber or mountain-lover, you can participate in events hosted by the local mountaineering club “Šiljak” from Boljevac.
These are “Christmas ascent” in January and “Night ascent” in July.


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