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Have you visited (or maybe heard about) a hot water geyser with a water column height of 8 meters in Sijarinska Banja Spa?

It also boasts one more geyser, a periodical one, which erupts every 10 minutes.

These geysers are considered unique in Europe.

Besides, Sijarinska Spa has 18 mineral water springs with temperatures between 32 to 78 degrees.

Located on the banks of Jablanica River, at the foothills of Goljak Mountain, the spa is surrounded by hills with beech and oak woods.

Its curative water heals numerous diseases related to bone and muscular system, kidney and urinary tract, inflammatory processes, certain forms of sterility, milder forms of diabetes, etc.

Nature lovers can enjoy a walk to Corov waterfall or climb to Mrkonjski vis, a semi-volcanic cup with unique views. From here, you can see Suva Planina, Sar Planina, Stara Planina, Mokra Gora, etc.

Visit Sijarinska Spa and find out why it’s considered the hidden gem of Southern Serbia!


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