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Do you know which place in Serbia takes pride in being a tourist attraction with the most significant number of overnight stays in Serbia?

It hosts more than 8000 guests.

Skorenovac village is located in the Kovin municipality (South Banat District of Serbia). The closest towns are Kovin (6km, 3.73 miles), Smederevo (17km, 10.56 miles), and Pančevo (30km, 18.64 miles). From the capital of Serbia, Belgrade is distanced by 46km (28.6 miles).

Why is Skorenovac so unique?

First things first, the majority of its residents are Hungarians (almost 90%). The second, those people came up with the idea to take advantage of their village’s location – it’s the southernmost place on the planet where Hungarians make up most of the population.

That’s how Eco Rural Tourism Association Skorenovac was born.

This place is appealing to foreigners, mainly people from Hungary, the UK, and Romania. With its preserved history, culture, language, tradition, and dishes, Skorenovac is a mecca for those who are yearning to feel all amenities of this picturesque place.

Everyone can come here and enjoy this rural idyll – you can choose between 20 households, which are registered and categorized with 3 stars.


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