The Castle “Terlei” in Zobnatica, Backa Topola

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This building was built in 1882 on the estate of its landowner – Djula Terlei who used to rear horses and deal with agriculture. Today, this tourist complex is well-known as a horse farm “Zobnatica.” It is located in the municipality Backa Topola on the complex Zobnatica.

The beautiful castle was built in the style of the late classicism for Djula Terlei’s family.

Today, this complex contains a hotel and restaurant “Jadran.” Also, the castle “Terlei” became a modern hotel with 37 beds and a view of the lake Zobnatica. All animal lovers can enjoy watching thoroughbred horses, wild hogs, red deers, ostriches, and peacocks.

One interesting tip: if you would like to see a 19th-century windmill, you’ll have a chance during the tour of the lake Zobnatica.

The first windmill in Vojvodina was built by Agoston Kis in 1794 in Elemir, after returning from the Netherlands. Most windmills were built at the beginning of the 19th century, and at that time they were architectural masterpieces. Unfortunately, out of 282 windmills, only 11 remain, and none of them is in function anymore.


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