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Mountain Stol is the highest peak of the mountain Goli Krs (1156m). Located 20km north of the city of Bor, this mountain is tucked between the massifs Veliki Krs, Mali Krs, and Deli Jovan.

The top of the mountain has the appearance of a long island elevation with cliffs – an ideal combination for mountaineering and sport climbing.

Mountain Stol is a unique ecozone that boasts its attractive hiking landscapes. They are packed with spacious meadows and medicinal herbs and plants. The most incredible riches of this region are potent springheads at the foot of the mountain.

The flat peaks and steep cliffs provide suitable conditions for hiking and extreme sports, such as parabolic and paragliding, and the wider area is exceptional for hiking tours. So far, as many as 13 hiking trails have been arranged.

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