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The Obed swamp (Obedska bara) is a Special Nature Reserve, one of the world’s oldest nature areas. It is located along the river Sava in Serbia (southern Srem, Vojvodina) on 9820 hectares. From the capital of Serbia, Belgrade is distanced by 60km (37.28 miles).

It has been famous since the mid 19th century as an ornithological reserve, and today it boasts an authentic combination of ponds, pits, swamp vegetation, meadows, and forests. Its exceptional diversity of ecosystems and species makes it an important area with distinctive features – it represents a remnant of the former meander of the river Sava.

The villages Obrež and Kupinovo are located on „the Horseshoe“ (Potkovica), the riverbed banks. Its shape resembles the horseshoe and that’s how it got its name. You can find „water mirrors“ and „island of birds“ – waterfowls are fed here and stay here for longer periods.

This beautiful place is kid-friendly, so if you decide to come here with your family, there are historical and cultural monuments in the immediate vicinity, such as fortress „Kupinik,“ St. Luke’s Church, and Church Mother Angelina.


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