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Have you heard about the blooming of the Tisa mayflies?

This unique phenomenon takes place every year at the end of May and the beginning of June in Serbia, occurring throughout the Tisa River (near the exit of Kanjiza in Vojvodina district).

The spectacle, also known as “Tisa flowers” in Serbian, lasts three to four days and is related to the Tisa mayfly. These are ancient species of insects who spend most of their life as larvas in the mud. After three years, the mayflies come to the surface, and males have only a few hours to find a female. The goal is to mate with it before they both die.

That’s why this phenomenon is dubbed a dance of insects during which fertilization happens, eggs lay, and males die first, and after them females too.

Insects are large, about 12 cm, and dance above the surface of the water. During their last dance, they cover the river bank and all other surfaces that surround the river.
And yes, there’s a legend that says everyone who lights candles in licider hearts (gingerbread) during the Tisa bloom can expect fulfilling their love wishes.

Imagine you’re there and enjoying the experience…


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