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Have you heard about the stone village of Gostuša?

The village is located on the banks of the Gostuša River, dotted without any order, with houses covered with stone slabs. Nearby are the remains of a former fortress from the Roman period, so it is considered that this village is one of the oldest settlements in the Pirot area.

It’s definitely one of the most unusual villages in Serbia.
Located on the slopes of mountain Stara Planina, 700 m above sea level, boasts the unique architecture preserved in its original condition.

Houses are made of natural materials, such as stone and mud, with the technique dubbed “suvozidica” (drywall or dry build). This means that base materials are not tiles but stone plates.

If you prefer a healthy life and nature in all its beauty, plan to visit this little mountain paradise named the village Gostuša!


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