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It has its own landmark – the lake Vrmdza with a meteor in its depths. It is believed that the lake was created after the meteor fall.

The lake has its monster – Vrmdzilo, who sleeps somewhere in the lake.

Vrmdza is a village where several families chose to deal with rural tourism. Guests come from all over the world and enjoy a healthy and green environment, local food, and friendly locals.

If you are going to sleep in Vrmdža, know that you have come to the right village, and not to some ethno-village. Here you can expect to share a space with the host in a country house, and you will eat and drink what is made here: Vrmdža cheese, goat and sheep milk, Rtanj lamb and kid, Rtanj honey, Rtanj tea, thorn juice, and Vrmdža plum brandy, who likes…

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