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Have you heard about Vršac Tower (Vršačka kula)?

It is a medieval fortress near the city of Vršac in Vojvodina (Serbia), and it was built by the Serbian despot Đurađ Branković in 1439.

Situated on top of the local hill (399m), this city’s symbol features architectural beauty that is hard to resist.

As it always happens, history is a place where legends are born. And there are always princesses, magic, and old, ruined towers or castles as parts of that legend.

Did you know that Vršac Tower has its princess, who is enchanted – someone turned her into a snake with a crown on the head. She appears every year, at midnight, exactly. The legend says it’s the evil wizard’s fault, and another version of the story says that one shepherd helped her take off evil spells.

You can believe it or not. The fact is this Tower is real, and the building reaches to the sky. The famous Donžon tower, height 20m, has been completely restored and today is a tourist attraction.

You can enjoy mind-boggling nature, fresh air, panoramic views, and in the nearness of the Tower – mouth-watering specialties and pedigree wines.

And while exploring the Tower, beware of snakes – because you never know 🙂


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