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Everyone can google the fact that Serbia is a country in Central and Southeast Europe with a population of roughly 7 million. Also, the same applies to the fact that Belgrade is the capital and largest city. We believe that many of you have heard about the great nightlife in Serbia, rich culture and history, as well as the exquisite gastronomic offer. But, if someone asked you about the lesser-known part of Serbia that is impressive, unique, and sumptuous, would you think about nature and tradition? Actually, how many people among us can say
that he is familiar with this part of Serbia?

Did you know that gusle, kolo, and slava are the three only goods on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage? Also, there is an initiative to protect famous kilims from Serbia (from Pirot, Stapar, and Sjenica-Pester). The Pirot kilim was exhibited at the World Exhibition in Vienna back in 1886. It consisted of 122 patterns and 98 ornaments and the identical face and reverse, which is the main characteristic of every Pirot kilim.

Ajvar, kajmak, sarma, proja, belmuž, cicvara, popara (bread pudding), komplet lepinja from Užice (a flat bun with everything in it), plum brandy and quince brandy – just to mention some of the most famous specialties from this area, perhaps, more appreciated abroad than here. Unfairly, because if you tried them once, you’d never stop eating them. And who once discovers the tameness of Vojvodina and the beauty of its castles, wavy and fruit-bearing Šumadija, or amazing ethno villages, fast and crystal clean rivers such as Rzav, fairytale waterfalls, and breathtaking mountain massifs, exquisit in their nature and history – whoever sees even the smallest part of this beauty will discover the least known Serbia. But preserved and special.

That’s why we are here, to maintain this treasure both for ourselves and future generations. Our mission is to indicate to our people that we have can be compared with the most beautiful wonders of the world and show that someone else’s is not always better. We want to present Serbia as a hidden gem to local people but much wider as well. Because it attracts attention and captivates with its beauty just the way it is.

Be inspired.
But, first of all, be an inspiration.
Visit Serbia. Meet Serbia. Discover Serbia.


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