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The Municipality of Kosjerić and its surrounding rural areas is known as a region that invests a lot in the country’s tourism – this is a place for everyone who wants to get to know the Serbian rural environment, culture, and tradition.

One of the best villages for active vacation is Skakavci, the place below Divčibare mountain, with the mind-boggling setting, organic food, and attractions you shouldn’t miss, such as untouched nature or waterfall Kotline. Locals said it’s a perfect spot during hot summer days, and the water is so clean that you can drink it without a worry.

Spending summer in the fresh and healthy countryside might be your best bet.

Serbia is crammed with a plethora of hidden gems, and one of them is definitely Skakavci and Municipality of Kosjerić.

Everyone is welcome!

Almost five decades ago, the hosts in the village in the Kosjerić area were among the first to recognize the importance of rural tourism and opened the doors of their houses to guests from the country and abroad.

Village of Skakavci first offers a good spirit and welcome as well as a good mood to guests.

In addition to the interesting history of the village, a walk through the picturesque landscape reveals natural pearls to tourists, who are especially fascinated by it.


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