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Drina House

Have you heard about the Drina House? Its story began on a hot summer day in 1968. The original idea of creating a

Vrsac Tower

Have you heard about Vršac Tower (Vršačka kula)? It is a medieval fortress near the city of Vršac in Vojvodina

Uvac Canyon

Why Is Uvac Canyon One of the Serbian Wonders of Nature? Who didn’t hear for Uvac Canyon and its meanders?

Skorenovac Village

Do you know which place in Serbia takes pride in being a tourist attraction with the most significant number of …

Rtanj’s Top – Siljak

If you’ve ever climbed to Rtanj’s top – Siljak, you know how magical this experience is.

Vranjska Spa

Did you know that the temperature of the warmest water in Serbian spas is 96 degrees?

Gamzigradska Spa

Gamzigradska Spa is located 11km (6.83 miles) west of the city of Zajecar in the valley of the River Black Timok.

Ribarska Spa

One of the oldest spas in Serbia?

Cave Dubočka

Do you know what is the largest speleological object in the territory of Kučevo municipality? It is a cave Dubočka

Ludos Lake

Who hasn’t heard of Palićko Lake and Subotica? There are probably no such people …


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