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Who hasn’t heard of Palićko Lake and Subotica?

There are probably no such people …

But the better question is, who has heard of Ludoško Lake?

You may have heard, you may have been there, and you may not, but one thing is for sure – the lake is beautiful and important.

In short – a real jewel of Serbia in the far north of Vojvodina. More precisely, in the depression at the junction between the light plateau of Bačka and Subotica sandstone.

Due to all its beauties, it was declared a Special Nature Reserve.

At only 14 km from Subotica, and 180 km from Belgrade, Ludoško Lake (some call it Ludaško) is a treasury of rare species of flora and fauna.

Due to its beauty and the peace it exudes, this place has great tourist potential – here you can enjoy various activities and organized tours, and by no means, when you are already there, bypass Rokin’s farm as well as the Catholic Church and Parish.

Imagine, there is also an eco-camp, established back in 1987.

So, take it or leave it, but whoever comes, one thing is for sure – he will wish to visit this place again.


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