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Located in Banja Koviljaca Spa on the right bank of the river Drina, this ethno village is an excellent spot for relaxation, rest, and outdoor activities.

Its specific location between the mountains Gucevo (Serbia) and Majevica (Republika Srpska, BiH) provides a paradise for all nature-lovers. Fresh air, scenic views, and the vastness of greenery attract people of all ages.

If you decide to visit this ethno complex, you’ll be thrilled with pleasant accommodation, tasty, domestic food, and specific venues such as summer garden, summer house, souvenir shop, beach, bar, sports fields, farm, etc.

The “Sunny River” is an excellent place for romantic getaways, filmed scenes, and series because of its unique charm. People often come here to spend their honeymoon or Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the amusement park for kids (Cheerful yard) and impressive lushness, family-oriented people usually choose the ethno village to spend their holiday with children.

In August you can take part in the Paragliding competition, which is held in Gucevo, Banja Koviljaca.

One thing is sure – everyone will find a little piece of happiness here!


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