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Some places look like a paradise. They are fulfilled with such a beauty that can easily blow your mind.

Mountain Goc is a perfect example of pristine nature and unique ambiance. It overflows with beech and fir trees, lush vegetation, fertile soil, and an ideal climate.

It’s a perfect spot for a relaxing holiday and crowd-free time, located just 31km from Kraljevo and 200km from Belgrade.

Goc is actually a part of the northern Kopaonik Mountain range. But, the truth is it’s less famous than Kopaonik. Definitely undeserved.

Mountain Goc has everything: from its highest Peak Ljukten (1216m), meadows, forests, small rivers to artificial lake Seliste. In the lake, you cannot swim, but you can organize a picnic with magnificent views.

This destination is perfect for children and all who want to boost their metabolism and calm their nervous system. One more thing that shouldn’t be overlooked – the mountain Goc is packed with endemic plant and animal species.

Whether you’re looking for a fishpond with Goc trout, beautiful mountain spring, or strawberry and raspberry patches, Goc has it all.

This unique piece of heaven should find its place on your bucket list.


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