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Only 8 km away from Subotica, and 2 hours drive from Belgrade, Palić is an ideal place for vacation all
year round. But the most beautiful in the spring, we would add. If you manage to combine and spend the night, you will experience a real Palić fairy tale with memories for a lifetime.

Villa Lujza and Villa Viktorija are among the most beautiful catering facilities in Palić, with excellent service and accommodation. Villa Viktorija is located 100m from Palić Lake and 50m from Palić ZOO, the restaurant and terrace are tucked into the greenery, which creates a special atmosphere for guests.

Villa Lujza is an elegant building from the end of the 19th century, about 50m from the shore of Lake Palić with a view of the lake. It is surrounded by a large park, and nearby there are tennis courts, a sailing club, a zoo, a Women s beach, etc.

Palić package arrangement of 3 days and 2 nights (with included tickets for the Zoo included in the price)
is perfect for all couples, older and younger, as well as all who want a real vacation in a beautiful
What to see and visit (our recommendation):
• Villa Konen in Art Nouveau style in Palić
• Large terrace
• Music pavilion
• Church of St. Prophet Elijah, the church of St. Urban Pope
• Monument dedicated to Lajoš Vermeš
• Ludaško Lake (Palić area)
• Youth Lake about 50m from Palić
• Subotica sandstone

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