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It is said that Jastrebac is the most wooded mountain of the Balkan peninsula, and if you’ve visited it, you’re familiar with that.

According to the legend, Jastrebac derived its name from the northern goshawk (jastreb in Serbian) and its nest on the top of the mountain. He had the seeds of beech, birch, and coniferous trees in its beak – they fell all over the bare mountainous terrains.

If you’re a nature lover, hiker, or climber, this is the right place for you. Besides plenty of high and gorgeous trees, the mountain is packed with meadows filled with waterfalls and springs.

It boasts some bird species and rare plants. For all those who enjoy climbing the mountains, the highest peaks – Djulica and Pogled are going to be real challenges.
Near the mountain’s peak, it’s located the human-made lake, gorgeous due to its crystal-clear water and pristine nature that encircles it.

If you happen to come across this breathtaking mountain, don’t miss Ribarska Banja – it’s located at the foot of the hill. As one of the oldest spas in Serbia, it is well-known for its medicinal water baths.


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