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Rajačke pimnice (also called Rajačke pivnice by locals) are located on a hill near the village of Rajac, not far from Negotin (25km), in eastern Serbia.

It is a small village composed of traditional stone houses, which are used exclusively for the production and storage of wine.

Although they look like a village in everything, no one lives in Rajačke pimnice all year round.

Each house is a wine cellar, whose owners live in the village of Rajac, which is located about 15 minutes walk from the pub.

These are “basement villages” – small settlements made up of stone houses/basements, located near the village. They were never lived in, but wine was made and stored in cellars. In several houses there is a possibility to eat something, but also to spend the night. It is necessary to announce the arrival of the hosts a few days in advance.


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